How to remove a WordPress user

By Anne White

If you are an administrator, you will have the ability to delete any other user from your WordPress site, including other admins. There may be a number of reasons why you would remove someone from your site, such as removing temporary access, or removing someone who no longer works for your company.

Removing a WordPress user from a single site:

You can remove a user from within the “User” tab. Simply click on the “User” tab in the left-hand navigation bar of the site you would like to remove them from.

This will take you to the “User” tab, which will display all of the users that have access to the site. Simply scroll over the name of the user you would like to delete, and click on the “Remove” link.

Clicking “Remove” will take you to a new page asking you to confirm that you have selected the right user to remove. Click on the “Confirm removal” button in order to delete that user from the site.

Alternatively, you can delete the user by selecting the checkbox beside their username, then selecting “Remove” from the bulk actions dropdown at the top of the page. Once you have done this, click “Apply” beside the dropdown in order to remove the selected user. You can remove multiple users at once, by selecting multiple checkboxes before deleting them.

Once you have clicked “Apply”, you will once again be taken to a confirmation screen. Click on the “Confirm removal” button in order to remove all of the selected users from the site.

Removing a user from multiple sites

If you have a multisite structure, some users may have access to multiple different sites. Using the method above, you can delete the user from certain sites, without removing them from the other sites to which they have access.

However, you may want to remove the user from every site to which they have access. This can only be done by superadmins, who have control over every site in a multisite structure. Admins can only delete users from sites to which the admin has access.

If you are a superadmin, you can delete users from every site to which they have access from the “Users” tab within “Network admin”. Scroll over “My Sites” in the top left-hand corner of the toolbar, then select “Users” from the menu.

Alternatively, simply click on “Network admin” and select “Users” from the left-hand navigation menu. This will take you to the “Users” tab within the “Network admin” site.

The “Users” tab will display every user that has access to at least one of the sites. On the right-hand side of the user, all of the sites that the user has access to will be displayed.

You can then delete the user by either clicking on the “Delete” link beneath the user’s name, or selecting the checkbox beside them, selecting “Delete” from the bulk action dropdown, and clicking “Apply”.

You will then be taken to a confirmation page. If the user has any content, including posts, pages, or media, you will have the option to either remove their content as well, or to assign their content to another user by selecting the checkbox and the user from the dropdown menu.

Finally, click the “Confirm deletion” button at the bottom of the page in order to permanently remove that user from every site.